Corporate Social Responsibility

Contribute to the economic, environmental
and social sustainability of a community

Corporate Social Responsibility

Are your clients asking you about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) options for their programs? Would you like to be an organisation known for creating programs that matter; providing ways for delegates to leave a legacy outcome and engage with the local community?

Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as a commitment to contribute to the economic, environmental and social sustainability of a community. Kerry Convention Bureau believes passionately in the way CSR initiatives can enhance Business Events.

CSR in Kerry

Kerry has a proven track record at boosting delegate attendance due to its destination appeal and can now offer the added opportunity for delegates to make a difference to the many non-profit organisations operating in Kerry.

The destination provides a depth of local expertise from individuals and community organisations who can not only enhance your Kerry event through guest speaking, sponsoring and exhibiting but who can also benefit reciprocally from the socially responsible activities that Business Tourism can generate.

The Bureau has seen first-hand the positive mutual benefits that such activities can bring when organisations choose to integrate a CSR component into their conference, incentive or event when held in Kerry.

CSR engagement can make a real difference to a community by bringing about positive change and leaving lasting legacies. It provides delegates and participants with an unforgettable opportunity to engage with the local community, learn more about Ireland’s ancient culture and make a strong connection with the land and its people.

The bureau has recently launched a CSR partnership with Kerry Parents and Friends Association (KPFA) and are also working with several other organisations dedicated to education, sport and environmental conservation e.g. Kerry GAA club and Tidy Towns.

With these partnerships in place, we are very pleased to be able to offer a range of meaningful and engaging options for groups across Kerry. Opportunities can include volunteering time and effort into hands-on activities to engage with community members, assisting with fundraising and financial support or providing ‘in-kind’ assistance to local projects.

Support can be as simple as donating unwanted exhibitor items or delegate satchels, engaging local artists for a charity auction, inviting cultural performances or purchasing conference merchandise or gifts from non-profit community organisations.

Go Team, Go Give challenge

For a team building activity with a CSR outcome that is scalable, from eight delegates up to unlimited, Orangeworks, Go Team Go Give challenge is a fantastic option for groups visiting Kerry.

Available as either an on-foot or on-road treasure hunt, these activities combine creative problem solving and friendly competition while taking part in a high-tech treasure hunt in locations throughout the region.

The Go Team app operates on handheld devices, and its unique “follow arrow” guides teams to a series of waypoints. On arrival at each destination, participants work together to complete GPS triggered challenges issued by the app. These include questions, cryptic clues, photographic criteria and timed tasks tailored to meet your event theme and overall objectives.

The CSR component is added by incorporating challenges which when completed by the teams leads to a meaningful outcome for your chosen CSR partner. For example, if you selected our CSR partner Kerry Parents and Friends Association, for each challenge completed by individual teams, an essential household item for their community houses can be purchased.

This creative, engaging and meaningful activity supports teamwork initiatives, encourages strategic thinking and delivers a tangible legacy outcome.

Go Team on foot and Go Team Discovery On Road Treasure Hunt Challenges are already developed for Killarney and the Ring of Kerry. For other destinations within the region, bespoke applications can be created.

To find out more about the Go Team Go Give options available in Kerry, please contact us today.

Kerry Parents and Friends Association

Kerry Parents and Friends Association (KPFA) is one such organisation who has embraced the opportunity to work with Business Tourism clients. KPFA was established in 1973 to support families of people with an intellectual disability across the region of Kerry.

From small beginnings, KPFA now provides Residential and Day services together with Respite and Home Support, Training for Life, Community Integration Programs and individualised services for more than 200 adults.

KPFA has its headquarters in an old Monastery in Killarney as well as residential houses and services throughout the county. Delegates can experience the facilities first hand providing an opportunity to expose the vital work they are performing to a wider audience.

Utilising the grounds of HQ, an example activity which would deliver a real legacy outcome is the Car Wash fundraiser.

Splitting delegates into teams, each with a KPFA ‘client’ to assist, the hands-on activity provides the opportunity for delegates to both engage directly with the individuals supported by KPFA and the local community while they bring their cars in to be washed while raising much needed funds for the organisation.

Other meaningful activities which can be undertaken both in Killarney and at locations throughout Kerry include KPFA Community House maintenance and renovations and gardening.

Kerry Convention Bureau aims to identify and connect your organisation with a local CSR partner that demonstrate synergies with your organisation’s mission and values. Ensuring the right connection can provide a unique opportunity for your delegates to also experience making a difference through their day to day roles. A meaningful connection may allow your organisation the chance to leave a continuing legacy long after your event has been hosted in Kerry.

To learn more about staging spectacular #MeetInKerry events whilst also creating a better tomorrow, contact us to discuss ways you can go about making a positive social impact in the community through your Business Event.

Allow KCB to assist you to create memorable programs that positively affect both communities in need and also the delegates that take part.

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