Gala dinner venue

Welcome to Pig’s Lane, Killarney’s subterranean drinks haven, located beneath College Street. Our underground establishment boasts a stellar lineup of hand-crafted cocktails, masterminded by world champion mixologist Ariel Sanecki, a carefully curated selection of sustainable, natural, regenerative, and vegan wines, locally sourced snacks and small plates, a dedicated whiskey parlour, and live music performances by both well-established and emerging artists and DJs.

Pig’s Lane pays homage to the historical name of it’s location, which was once known as Pig’s Lane in the early 1900s, running from College Street through Railway Road. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a captivating, lamp-lit arched entrance. Descend a dramatic, beautifully tiled staircase, reminiscent of old underground railways, leading you into our exquisitely crafted subterranean bar.

Our venue is meticulously designed with a focus on quality, origin, and creativity. Everything, from the reclaimed decor to our delectable drinks and dishes, adds another layer of enjoyment and intrigue to your evening.

Venue Type

  • Bar / Restaurant
  • Gala dinner venue
  • Unique venue

Opened in October 2023, this is our first year in operation
Hand-crafted cocktails, masterminded by world champion mixologist Ariel Sanecki
Consider this as a unique new venue to wow your clients

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